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Turkey's accession to the European Union was and is often hotly debated. Many supporters of accession see the fact that Turkey is considered an important interface between the East and the West as an advantage, while many critics see it as a disadvantage. Linguistically speaking, Turkey, or more precisely Turkish, is one of the Turkic languages. This language family primarily includes languages ​​from North, West and Central Asia, such as Azerbaijani. In addition to Turkey, Turkish is also spoken in Romania, Cyprus and some Balkan countries.

Even without EU membership, Turkey is already an important economic partner for many EU states. Including Germany. Of course, this also comes with the necessary correspondence. In order to avoid misunderstandings in economic relations, it is often useful and sometimes even unavoidable that a Turkish German translation is carried out in various cases.

In commercial relationships, a Turkish-German translation is often required, especially for contracts and agreements or even documents. In these cases it is particularly important that the translator is familiar with the formal and legal aspects that apply to the respective country. Our translation service therefore always ensures that your order is processed by the most competent translator possible. This means that, in addition to the necessary translation skills, the translator also has specific technical skills and experience.

To ensure that you are on the safe side with your Turkish German translation of a contract, we employ native speakers and qualified translators who have extensive specialist knowledge in various specialist areas.